Go Green by Choosing the Greens in Seafood Guides

There is a cheat sheet you won’t get in trouble for using, and it has to do with which fish is the best choice at your fishmonger or seafood restaurant…

Did you know there is actually a cheat sheet you won’t get in trouble for using? Yep, it’s a cheat sheet that will help you choose seafood that is sustainable. Several organizations make these cheat sheets, or seafood guides, that take into account many different factors including the level of bycatch, impact of the fishing gear on habitat, and the status of the fish populations. Using color codes, the seafood guides indicate which seafood you should pick. Green means go for it! To no surprise, red means stop or think twice before buying this seafood.

Check out the regional pocket guides, available from Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There’s even a guide for sushi! Print one out or download it to your phone and take it with you to restaurants and grocery stores. How does your favorite seafood rate?

ADDENDUM: Check out the new Seafood Watch Guide as an iPhone App! It’s even better than the pocket guides because it hooks into the latest data. So just by checking your phone, you’ll know immediately if something’s gone fishy with your favorite seafood.